GWO, JWPA Sign Groundbreaking MoU To Boost Japan’s Wind Energy Workforce

 GWO, JWPA Sign Groundbreaking MoU To Boost Japan’s Wind Energy Workforce

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and the Japanese Wind Power Association (JWPA) have agreed terms in a Memorandum of Understanding to describe recommended training for wind technicians in Japan.

The MOU, signed at the Global Offshore Wind Summit in Kitakyushu, emphasises GWO’s role in developing entry-level skills.

This collaboration aims to reshape workforce development, addressing Japan’s labour challenges and carbon neutrality goals. A pivotal move for the growth of Japan’s wind industry, especially in offshore projects.

According to the partners, together, they will produce a document authored and published by JWPA in association with GWO.

The guideline document will describe entry level wind technician knowledge, skills ,and abilities and how GWO is one of the means available to acquire that knowledge and skill.

Hitoshi Katayama, Director of JWPA, explained: “With a declining labour force and rapid changes in life styles, needs and services, coupled with ambitious carbon neutrality goals, Japan needs a paradigm shift in the way it attracts, trains and retains its precious workforce.

“Graduates and professionals who look to make a career change from analogous industries need clear educational pathways that train entry level wind workers while recognising their existing skills. We see this collaboration with GWO as a necessary step forward to help us reach our goals.”

The agreement comes shortly after a similar project was completed by The American Clean Power Association (ACP) in collaboration with GWO.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, added: “We are delighted to have reached this agreement with JWPA. The industry in Japan relies on the leadership and direction of its national association to support growth, particularly in offshore wind.

“We are ready to support them in this obligation by clarifying how entry level wind technicians can be trained to meet the needs of employers.”

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