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Energy Planets is a platform designed to provide information about the energy industry to energy professionals, practitioners and the general public. Industry news and developments will be provided on oil and gas, power and renewable forms of energy; particularly as the whole begins the transition away from fossil fuels. Beyond the provision of information about the industry, we are also passionate about policy, regulatory and legal framework guiding the energy industry. Therefore, Energy Planets also provides the environment for the dissemination of commentaries, opinions, research and viewpoints on matters relating to policy, law, regulatory, economic and finance in the energy industry.

In addition, Energy Planets also desires to seek and showcase opportunities in the energy industry on improvements on existing methods, new ideas, trends and technology that will improve the efficiencies in the exploitation of energy resources for better energy access for all in a sustainable manner

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Energy Planets will provide content that is global with specific focus on Africa; particularly on the unique energy challenges, solutions and opportunities. Our source of information will be from credible media sources, locally and internationally with references, sources and credits ascribed wherever appropriate in accordance with fair usage and best practices.

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