Explainer: Major Things To Know About Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Roadmap

 Explainer: Major Things To Know About Nigeria’s Solid Minerals Roadmap

Last week, Oladele Alake, the Minister of Solid Minerals, addressed the press on the solid minerals roadmap in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda and how the administration is going to reposition the sector as a major driver of economic growth.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has taken firm, courageous decisions that have reset the direction of the Nigerian economy, and the Ministry of Solid Minerals has an important role to play in delivering national development,” said Alake,

In a bid to clarify the details of the policy, the Minister answered ten frequently asked questions by Nigerians on Monday, September 11, on his official Twitter (X) account.

What is the Solid Minerals Roadmap, and what are its primary objectives?

The Solid Minerals Roadmap is a strategic plan aimed at revitalising Nigeria’s solid minerals sector. Its primary objectives are to enhance the sector’s contribution to the economy, improve data accuracy, promote sustainable mining, and attract both local and foreign investments.

The Transformation Agenda include:

  • Nigerian Solid Minerals Corporation
  • Joint Ventures with Mining Multinationals
  • Big Data on specific seven priority minerals and their deposits: Gold, Coal, Limestone, Iron-ore, Bitumen, Baryte, and Lead/Zinc Other minerals will feature in subsequent investigations under the National Integrated Mineral Exploration Project, NIMEP.
  • 30-day grace for illegal miners to join artisanal cooperatives.
  • Mines Surveillance Task Force and Mine Police
  • Mineral Processing Centres to focus on Value-Added products

Can you elaborate on the key milestones and timelines outlined in the Solid Minerals Roadmap?

The roadmap includes key milestones like establishing strategic partnerships with mining-experienced countries.

Timelines involve training programs to upskill Nigerian mining professionals, enhancing local expertise, and boosting the domestic economy.

How does the Roadmap plan to address the challenges in our solid minerals sector?

They are addressed through better data gathering, regulatory reforms, formalising artisanal miners and strengthening security. We will also engage and collaborate with mining communities.

Are there measures to promote sustainable mining practices and environmental conservation?

The roadmap emphasises sustainable practices through training artisanal miners and having processing centres. It balances economic development with environmental responsibility.

Who are the key stakeholders involved, and how do they collaborate?

Key stakeholders include government agencies, the private sector, and local communities. Collaboration involves multinational partnerships, artisanal miner engagement, and ensuring communities benefit.

What initiatives will attract investments into the solid minerals sector?

Initiatives include multinational partnerships, an investment-friendly environment, and a fund for local investments. We aim to make Nigeria an attractive destination for investors.

How does the roadmap create jobs and empower the communities in mining areas?

We use mining grants to support local entrepreneurs and international exchange programs for world-class training. Empowering miners and the communities drives economic growth and development.

Will the Solid Minerals Roadmap involve regulatory changes or policy reforms?

Yes, regulatory changes and policy reforms are planned to streamline regulations, improve fiscal relations, and create a conducive investment environment.

Are there plans to leverage technology and data intelligence to optimise revenue collection?

Yes, we’ll use technology and data intelligence to improve data accuracy, transparency, and revenue collection.

How can the public engage and contribute to the success of the Solid Minerals Roadmap?

You can engage through consultations, stakeholder sessions, social media, and by staying informed. Your contributions are vital to this transformative agenda’s success.

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