Gas Pipeline Fix Idles Egbin Station For 3 Days

 Gas Pipeline Fix Idles Egbin Station For 3 Days

The Transmission Company of Nigeria’s management announced that Egbin Power Station will undergo a three-day shutdown beginning today due to maintenance on the gas pipeline.

The station was closed at 11:13 hours on December 18, 2023, to facilitate the Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) in maintaining the gas pipeline that supplies Egbin Power Station.

“This means a reduction of 676 megawatts of bulk power generated into the nation’s grid for 3 days and consequently the quantum of bulk power available to be delivered to distribution companies load centres nationwide for the period,” the company said.

What does this mean?

It indicates an impending shortage in electricity generation, leading to supply deficits and potential blackouts in certain regions of the country.

Egbin Power, the largest power generation station in Nigeria boasting an installed capacity of 1,320 MW from 6 units of 220 MW each, contributes more than 16 percent of the total electricity generated for the Nigerian National Grid.

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