Nearly 1.3mn Africans Electrified for the First Time in 2022 – REPP

 Nearly 1.3mn Africans Electrified for the First Time in 2022 – REPP

Almost 1.3 million people have been connected to electricity for the first time through the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) supported projects in Africa, as of 31st Dec, 2022.

According to the newly released impact report by the UK government-funded programme, these connections have led to improved quality of life through better lighting, refrigeration, longer active hours, improved access to information, and increased productive use of energy opportunities.

“In addition, REPP projects connected 226 critical services and 3,376 microbusinesses to energy, strengthening community resilience and allowing for improved income and economic activity,” the report read.

Also, the report indicated that REPP has exited its investment in mini-grid developer ARC Power while continuing to support the company through a partial equity conversion. The Platform’s initial convertible loan in 2019, and an additional loan in 2020, have enabled ARC Power to pursue its ambitious plan to build a large portfolio of solar mini-grids in Rwanda.

“REPP’s partial exit demonstrates our continued faith in Karl Boyce, CEO, and founder, and his team to deliver on their impressive plans for expansion and asserting ARC Power as one of the leading mini-grid developers in the region.

”REPP works to mobilise private sector development activity – and investment – in small to medium-sized renewable energy projects (typically up to 25MW) in West, Central, East, and Southern Africa to ensure access to clean energy for all and avoid greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in line with SDG 7 and SDG 13 and the Paris Agreement.

REPP is managed by Camco, a leading fund management company, and is supported with funding from the UK’s International Climate Finance through the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO).

To date, REPP has financing agreements with 42 projects or companies spread across 18 countries and employs seven different technologies (grid-connected solar PV, run-of-river hydro, on-shore wind, solar PV mini-grids, solar home systems, solar PV-powered batteries, geothermal).

A total of £47m has been contracted through these projects and an additional £16m committed to projects in the pipeline.REPP is a UK government-funded programme supporting the growth of renewable energy industries in African countries.

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