Eaton Presents Strategies for Green Energy, E-Mobility

 Eaton Presents Strategies for Green Energy, E-Mobility

Kassem Benhaddou, General Manager for Morocco and West Africa at American-Irish multinational power management firm Eaton underlined the importance of green energy and e-mobility strategies for Morocco and North Africa during the GITEX Africa conference that took place in Marrakech in early June. Eaton brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to support its African partners.

The company aspires to assist African governments, including Morocco’s, in developing robust and efficient electrical infrastructures while promoting green energy solutions.

Benhaddou emphasized the significance of concrete strategies for green energy and e-mob ility, stressing that adopting these technologies should extend beyond mere trendiness and embrace a thoughtful and pragmatic approach.

Eaton’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified through its production of electric vehicle chargers and energy storage systems assembled and manufactured locally in Moroccan plants, providing employment opportunities for the country’s skilled labour force.

The official said that this emphasis on local production fosters economic growth and underscores Eaton’s dedication to supporting African communities.

Benhaddou said, “Our main ambition is to be part of the development of all the African governments, including Morocco.”

He added that by leveraging its vast expertise, Eaton aims to assist African governments in achieving the right infrastructure, optimal cost efficiency, and a sustainable energy future.

Eaton is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of power management in Africa, aiming to empower nations to embrace innovative solutions.

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